2024 Prince Edward County Bucket List

black and white photo of a tree with the sun in the back ground
Lake Ontario ~ Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area

All right! 2024 is well under way and we are excited to be brushing off the snow flakes. I will even happily take some mud puddles to splash in, if it means summer is on route.

When we moved here in 2016 we had a vision: have a full house of wonderful people for a few months, spend our evenings on the beach, sipping wine and eating all the food. Nine summers later we realized we have never been to Sandbanks Provincial Park in the summer, our bikes have been collecting dust for the last couple years, and we may have been only to a handful of wineries (because we keep going back to the same ones) when there is over 35 to choose from!

So we decided to put together a bucket list of all the things we want to do this 2024 season. We would love you to join along.

With it’s white sand and turquoise waters you would be forgiven for thinking you have landed in the caribbean, but Sandbanks Provincial Park is only a 30 Km scenic drive from the Inn. We have experienced the splendor in the closed season, hiking amongst the towering sand dunes at Dunes Beach where the 2.5 Km Sandbanks Dunes Trail makes a loop through wetlands and woodland. Strolling the snow covered beaches at Outlet Beach and exploring the ruins of the old historic Lake Shore Lodge. But we have yet to explore when the park is actually open. This summer, we would love to pack a beach bag and head to Outlet Beach, take a dip, soak up the sun and play in the sand. One key note, you need to purchase a day pass online to enter, you will not be admitted to the park without one.

Prince Edward County has some great cafes (take a look at my cafe hopping post coming soon) but there is something so relaxing, I want to say European about sitting outside on a patio with a hot cappucino; and nothing in the county can beat the views from The Miller House at Lake on the Mountain. So this is on our bucket list this year because for some reason we just didn’t make it over there the last couple ( It’s five minutes away ). There is a golden moment after breakfast and before lunch where I just want to sit, unwind and soak up the scenery, the people watching is pretty fun too.

Prince Edward County being an island, is surrounded by water, and we are a short walk away from the Waupoos Marina. We were so lucky to have had a chance to sail with County Sailing Adventures back in 2021. It was wonderful, we sailed to the cove at Little Bluff for a swim. We want to experience this again, because the day we went there was no wind and we had to motor back to the marina. There is a couple of options for sailing out of Waupoos Marina, County Sailing Adventures and Happy Sailing (which is also a school).

Also a little side note, I got a beautiful S.U.P board the year we moved here, thinking I would be out on the water all the time. I have only used it once so this is the year. Off to get a life jacket.

But maybe not all at once. The Millenium Trail is 49 Kilometers of repurposed railway tracks with pressed gravel. These conditions make for a delightful way to explore the county with parts of it even backing on to wineries. We have done bits and pieces, but would really like to try and complete the ride. Starting in Picton (by Parson’s Brewery) and finishing in Carrying Place you pass through farmers fields, cow pastures , marsh land created by beavers, and a wonderful finale crossing Lake Consecon.

I grew up spending a lot of time at the local mini putt, it had a retro diner, a juke box and just gave off all the nice wholesome vibes. We were lucky to know the families and this sometimes ended up as a default babysitter. It can’t be a coincidence that the the local spot here and the one growing up has the same name. The Caddy Shack is located near entrance of Sandbank’s Provincial Park, and I can’t wait to dust off my skills, have a slice of pizza and maybe hit it it up on a night when there is one of the local bands playing (Benny and Borgin are fire).

After putting this together I wanted to see if anyone else had a bucket list to share for the summer, and I loved my friends so much it just needed to be included.

  1. Poolside day at Lakeside Motel
  2. Cocktails at Wildlot
  3. Breakfast at The Saylor House Cafe in Bloomfield
  4. Dinner at Gather in Wander the Resort

Hope you enjoyed reading our list and we can’t wait to hear what your Prince Edward County bucket list is!

Katie and Mike